The company specializes in laser component products, including laser crystals, laser optics and laser devices. Based on the core product positioning, Crylink has gradually built up professional infrastructure and hardware facilities and technology R&D team.Crylink has crystal growth furnaces of Lift-off, Drop-off and Molten Salt method, which are used for the production of various types of laser crystals. VIVOTEK has double-sided polishing, ring polishing-based plane polishing equipment for the production of various types of laser lenses. We have many Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) coating machines for high damage threshold laser coating. Constructed laser device R&D and production conditions (Class 100 and Class 1,000 ultra-clean plant) for laser device R&D and production.

The long crystal workshop has various growth equipment including a pull-down furnace, a drop furnace, a molten salt furnace, and a heat exchange furnace. It is capable of growing various doped YVO4, YAG, YLF, spinel, fluoride, BBO, LBO, CLBO and other laser related materials. The processing workshop is equipped with a variety of processing equipment, including X-ray diffractometers, internal circle cutters, single-wire cutters, multi-wire cutters, and centerless grinders. Rough machining of rough materials can be accomplished. Polishing workshop has a variety of polishing equipment including hand grinding and polishing machine, CNC plane precision milling machine, double-sided grinding and polishing machine, precision grinding and polishing machine, two-axis grinding and polishing machine, four-axis precision grinding and polishing machine, plane precision ring polishing machine, double-sided grinding and polishing machine. There are 4 polishing production lines with complete technology (2 production lines are under construction). We can polish all kinds of laser materials with high quality. We have developed complete polishing capabilities for ultra-hard materials such as titanium and sapphire.

The coating workshop has a 400m2 ultra-clean operation room, which is equipped with a number of high-performance coating machines specializing in the coating of strong laser optical films, including a 1300CBI from Japan. Through the optimization of film design and evaporation process, the high damage threshold in the range of UV 266nm – IR 10.6μm can be achieved.Crylink adopts thermal evaporation, electronic evaporation and ion-assisted deposition technology for coating, and the laser damage threshold of the thin film exceeds 40J/cm2 @ 1064nm 5ns10Hz, which reaches the leading level in the industry. The device assembly workshop has 100m2 ultra-clean operation room, which can carry out R&D and production of magnetic, acousto-optic and electro-optic devices in the range of 480nm-1550nm. Combined with the customer’s needs, the testing center has set up a material laser efficiency testing platform, which can test the laser performance parameters of the products.

Grown Crystal

Crystal growth furnace

  • Crystal growth furnace pull-out crystal growth furnace
  • Temperature gradient crystal growth furnace
  • Descending crystal growth furnace
Crystal growth furnace

Czochralski Crystal growth method and growth furnace

Crystal growth furnace pull-out crystal growth furnace

Pulling method is currently the most widely used industrial crystal growth method, through the crucible hanging above the seed crystal, slowly rotating pulling upward from the melt to crystal growth, crystal size, growth rate accurately controlled, the growth process can be directly observed monitoring, flexible and variable temperature field conditions, to match different kinds of crystal growth needs, can be applied to growth, different category Crystals of different sizes.

  • With wide applicability, it is the most widely used growth mode in industrial production;
  • The temperature field conditions are flexible and suitable for different kinds of crystals. (The appropriate temperature field and growth process conditions can be adjusted according to the different physical properties of growing crystals);
  • The growth process is visible; (The crystal growth process can be observed through the observation window, which is convenient for process monitoring and process adjustment);
  • It can grow crystals with diametral range of 10-100mm and isometrical length of over 300mm. (Match different crucible);

Crylink adopts the lifting method to grow dozens of series of crystals, including: rare earth or transition metal ion doped YAG series, YAP series, silicate series, sapphire series, vanadate series, niobate series, borate series and dozens of crystals.

Temperature gradient crystal growth furnace

The method is through the use of special heating element, form a stable temperature gradient in the longitudinal direction, the built-in seed crystal at the bottom of the crucible, so as to realize the crystal growth of crystals inside the crucible from bottom to top Growth process, the method of crucible let stand motionless, internal melt natural convection, interface easier to form stable growth, the growth of high quality crystal.

  • The gradient stability of temperature field is good;
  • High temperature control stability, temperature control precision 0.1;
  • The stability of crystal batch growth is good;

It is often used to grow Ti: sapphire, ruby, V: YAG and other crystals with high doping concentration and high doping ion uniformity.

Bridgman-Stockbarger method crystal growth furnace

The method is in the growing region to build a stable temperature gradient suitable for crystal growth, and then slowly downward movement, the crucible through the growing region, makes the material within the crucible of the grow slowly melting crystallization growth in this area, this method breaks through the ladder method fixed temperature zone of restrictions on the size of crucible, can grow larger, longer crystal crystal height.

  • Good stability;
  • Good flexibility, can match different crucible, grow different size crystal;
  • Crystal billets with larger diameter and higher height can be grown;
  • It can be used to grow crystals with a diameter of 35-200mm and a height of 50-100mm;

Crylink has successfully grown fluoride series crystals, such as MgF2, LiF, BaF2, CaF2, CeF3, etc., and used for batch growth of fluoride series crystals with diameters of 6 inches.


Single wire cutting machine

Single wire cutting machine

Through a single high-speed and stable reciprocating diamond line fixed in the working range of the crystal billet for precision cutting; Often used for large crystal billet directional cutting, opening; Wire cutting through the cutting line to cut crystal, crystal force is small, the cutting process is gentle, not easy to crack.

  • Large working range:500*500*500mm;
  • Cutting reaches high precision:±0.05mm;
  • Accuracy of rotation angle:<0.1°

Multi-wire saw

Through a number of high-speed and stable reciprocating diamond line fixed in the working range of the crystal blank for precision cutting, in its working range, a time can be cut dozens to thousands of pieces of the same thickness of the product, so it is often used for rapid precision processing of large quantities of products

  • Large working range:800*500*500mm;
  • Cutting reaches high precision:±0.05mm;
  • Batch capacity:~3000 pcs/day
Multi-wire saw


Crylink focuses on the development and production of strong laser (super super fast and short) optical films and optical components, with thermal evaporation Electronic evaporation (E-Beam) and ion-assisted deposition (IAD) are four specialized high performance coating machines for high intensity laser optical films, which are equipped with ultrasonic cleaning equipment. By optimizing the film design and evaporation process, laser optical film plating can be realized in the range of ULTRAVIOLET 266 nm – infrared 5 um, which can be used for high reflectivity (HR) coating of resonator cavity Broadband HR and partial reflection (PR) coated laser harmonic separator dichromatic and polarized optical films.

In addition, we offer antireflection (AR) dual-band and tri-band AR laser film broadband Antireflection (BBAR) and metal coating with uV-visible-infrared spectrophotometer laser damage testing system (1064/1535/2940nm) laser plane interferometer friction and wear testing machine Optical microscope ULTRA hd CCD industrial imager High and low temperature aging box and other equipment to ensure product quality.

IAD-900-Coating machine

IAD-900-Coating machine

  • Ion source:VEECO_Mark_Ⅲ
  • Electron gun:Japan-JEOL -BS-60050EBS
  • Vacuum system:φ550 cryopump
  • Ultimate vacuum:2*10-5 Pa
  • Maximum coating workpiece:dia 300mm
  • Coating band:UV355-IR3500nm

IAD-1300--Coating machine

  • Ion source:Space Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Electron gun:Nanjing Shibuya
  • DJH-E:MXC-3D
  • Vacuum system:TK-500 diffusion pump
  • Ultimate vacuum:4*10-5 Pa
  • Maximum coating workpiece:dia 500mm
  • Coating band:IR1500-IR10600nm
IAD-1300--Coating machine


Packaging equipment – including COS welding equipment parallel welding equipment manual wire bonding equipment LD fast axis compression platform laser assembly debugging platform, etc.

High and low temperature aging furnace High temperature precision oven XRD diffractometer Cold isostatic pressing machine High and low temperature energy test platform Laser wavemeter beam divergence Angle test platform Laser damage test platform Image instrument Crystal optical axis test platform Crystal polarization extinction ratio test platform 2940nm Er:YAG Energy test platform Tension test platform Friction and wear testing machine, etc.

HC-SM100 Parallel welding equipment

HC-SM100 Parallel welding equipment

  • Model: KD-V43,
  • Ultimate vacuum<1*10-3pa,
  • Maximum welding area: 300*400mm,
  • Temperature range: up to 450℃
  • It can effectively reduce the cavity rate of chip welding and improve the welding strength, and improve the heat dissipation level of chip
  • Can provide pump source light source reliability and stability

Vacuum eutectic furnace

  • Model: HC-SM100
  • Welding size: 3×3mm ~ 20×20mm
  • Weld shape: Round, square, etc.
  • Welding speed: 0.1mm/s ~ 10mm/s
  • Through vacuum baking and inert gas filling, the water vapor and oxygen content in the device can be effectively reduced to improve the performance requirements of the device
Vacuum eutectic furnace
WT2330 series ultrasonic hot pressing gold wire ball welder

WT2330 series ultrasonic hot pressing gold wire ball welder

  • Model: WT2330 series
  • Bonding type: Manual bonding
  • Available gold wire diameter:20-50um,
  • Maximum span of one weld two weld:It can reach more than 4mm
  • Vision system:Stereo microscope(5×、30×)
  • The indispensable process step in COS chip package can increase the reliability of device.

R&D Achievements



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