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2940nm laser

2940nm Laser

The Er: YAG laser is a solid-state pulsed laser with a wavelength of 2.94um, and its wavelength is exactly at the highest absorption peak of water. Its absorption efficiency is 200 times that of the 2.1μm Ho: YAG laser and 10,000 times that of the 1.06μm Nd: YAG laser. Based on this feature, it can be used for precise cutting and soft tissue ablation with less thermal diffusion and mechanical damage to adjacent tissues. When the krypton laser pulse acts on the skin, the energy is quickly absorbed by the tissue, causing the superficial skin to heat up rapidly, resulting in instantaneous vaporization and separation, and the tissue is precisely sloughed off. Er: YAG laser has achievable high-precision cutting and can be used for medical laser microscopic treatment in dermatology, stomatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, etc.

Date: June 16, 2022

2100nm laser(Ho YAG)

2100nm Laser

The wavelength of Ho: YAG laser is 2100nm. The absorption of 2100nm laser by water is about 25 cm-1, which is 25 times more than the absorption of Nd: YAG laser . Therefore, the Ho:YAG laser penetrates soft and hard tissues shallowly, because of high surgical precision and unique coagulation effect that limits the area of damage. The Ho laser can be delivered in a low OH-based quartz fiber, and can work efficiently in both gas and liquid environments.The Ho laser endoscopically treats a variety of intracavitary diseases.

Date: June 16, 2022

2000nm Tm YLF Laser for medical Application

2000nm Laser(Medical)

Tm: YLF has a large emission cross section of nearly 2 μm, and the fluoride has moderate hardness and thermal conductivity and is commonly used as a laser substrate. Under the same pumping conditions, the thermal lensing effect of YLF is much weaker than that of YAP. therefore, Tm: YLF is also widely used in the medical field. The 2 μm laser has important applications in high-precision surgery, mainly because water molecules absorb light in this band, thus reducing its penetration into the body. The cutting accuracy is on the order of microns, resulting in minimal damage to the nearby area.

Date: June 16, 2022

1500nm laser for medical application

1500nm Laser

Based on advanced non-ablative 1550 nm Erbium glass fractional laser technology, its depth of penetration with minor lesions ensures near non-invasive treatment and proves accurate, safe and efficient skin resurfacing and scar treatment with minimal downtime.

Date: June 16, 2022

532,1064nm Dual-wavelength Laser

532,1064nm Dual-wavelength Laser

1064/532nm Nd:YAG dual wavelength laser can be widely used in the medical field. Nd:YAG lasers have high gain, low threshold, high quantum efficiency, and small thermal effects. 1064nm laser can be used for laser hair removal, and 532nm green light can be used for treating vascular skin lesions.

Date: June 16, 2022

671nm laser

671nm Laser

Holography can be divided into two processes of recording and reproduction. The recording process is to superimpose the reference light and reflected light on the object onto the holographic plate to create interference fringes. After processing the plate in a dark environment, the interference pattern on the sensor plate is replicated by diffraction to be exactly the same as the original object. Compared with ordinary photography, holography can not only record the amplitude of the light field of the subject, but also the relative phase of the reflected light waves. It is widely used in holographic microscope, holographic anti-counterfeiting, data storage, deformation measurement and holographic interferometer.

Date: March 4, 2022

2000nm laser for radar and ranging

2000nm Laser

2000nm TM3+ single-doped laser has an important effect on high energy and high frequency 2000nm laser,ans it is an important part of laser radar. The 2000nm laser can be used as an ideal light source for laser radar, laser rangefinder because of its eye-safety characteristics in atmospheric transmission. Tm:YAG laser can operate at room temperature and keep high efficiency. It is suitable for high power diode laser pumping.

Date: March 4, 2022

1535nm laser for ranging and radar

1535nm Laser

1535nm Er Glass Lasers have been used in ranging and radar. We use Er, Yb: Phosphate glass as laser gain medium to get 1535-1540nm CW laser and use Co: Spinel as Passive Q-Switch Crystal to get pulsed laser. In addition to using isolated crystals, we also used a bonded crystal solution in the development of the 1535nm erbium glass laser.

Date: March 4, 2022

1064nm,532nm,355nm tunable laser for radar and ranging

1064nm,532nm,355nm Tuned Laser

Nd: YAG laser output 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm three-wavelength nanosecond laser pulses. It is the most widely used laser in radar at present. High power quasi-continuous semiconductor laser (QCWLD) pumped high repetition rate electro-optic Q-switch multi-wavelength. The laser can select multiple wavelengths to work. The 1064 nm band of the laser can be used to detect reflected light signal of objects on the ground, and the 532 nm band is used for underwater target detection. The multi-wavelength Nd:YAG laser has very important value and economic benefit.

Date: March 4, 2022

Er glass fiber amplifier

Er Glass Fiber Amplifier

The emission of Er3+ at 1530 nm has attracted special attention in telecommunication applications. Because it is in the third fiber optic communication window . This emission is critical for information transfer in Er3+ doped fiber optical amplifiers and is often used in wavelength division multiplexing networks.

Date: March 4, 2022

1600nm laser (Optical communication)

1600nm Laser (Optical Communication)

1600 laser is suitable for optical communication. 1600 nm is located in the safe band of the human eye. And 1600 nm is located in one of the atmospheric laser transmission windows, the transmission distance is farther, the corresponding distance and resolution and speed resolution are more accurate, and the corresponding photodetector parts have high detection sensitivity.

Date: March 4, 2022

1300nm Laser Optical Communication

1300nm Laser (Optical Communication)

The 1.3μm band laser is one of the important transmission Windows of optical fiber. It has low loss (0.5 dB/km), near zero dispersion, and can be transmitted over long distances in quartz fibers. It is one of the ideal light sources for laser fiber communication and is an important application in the field of communication.

Date: March 4, 2022

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