Er:YAG Crystals

Er:YAG Crystals

Er:YAG crystals products are also known as neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal, with the chemical formula of Er: Y3Al5O12. It is a laser crystal with good comprehensive performance.

Er:YAG crystals are widely used in plastic surgery and dentistry. Er:YAG laser crystal is erbium-doped YAG, which can excite 2940 nm laser for medical and dental use.

Combined with different output wavelengths and Er:YAG, it is an excellent laser with a wavelength of 2.94 μm laser crystal. This wavelength is the most easily absorbed by water and hydroxyapatite among all the existing wavelengths and is considered as a high surface cutting laser.

It is a well-known medical application material. The emission wavelength of Er:YAG is 2940 nm, which is located at the water absorption peak and can be strongly absorbed by water molecules.

The product has the characteristics of high doping concentration, excellent optical quality, excellent thermal and optical properties, high output and damage threshold. It is used in glaucoma surgery, 2940 nm laser penetrating keratoplasty and other fields.

At present, the projects we participate in include laser blood sampling instrument, which adopts the coating on both sides of Er:YAG rod and the structure of xenon lamp end pump.

Er:YAG laser wavelength is an excellent choice to improve a variety of skin conditions and aging, including poor pigmentation, photochemical light damage, solar elasticity, acne and traumatic scar formation, fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkle, rough skin texture and skin relaxation.

The Features of Er:YAG Crystals:

  • Low scattering loss
  • Excellent optical quality
  • High concentrations of doping
  • The energy level structure of rich
  • High output and damage threshold

Material Specifications

Direction[100] or [100] <± 0.5
Vertical Degree
Surface Quality5-Oct
Wavefront Distortion<­λ/8@632 nm
Surface Flatness<λ/10@632.8nm
Clear Aperture>90%
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance±0.05 mm
The Largest SizeDiameter:2mm-50mm, Length:5mm-180mm
Coating< 0.25% @ 2940 nm

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical FormulaEr:YAlO3
Crystal StructureRhombic Crystals-Pbnm
Molecular Mass163.884
ShapeTranslucent Crystalline Solid
Directionb Shaft-Pbnm
Melting Point1870 °C
Density5.35 g/cm3
Specific Heat Capacity0.557 J/g·K
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity11.7 W/m·K (a-axis),
10.0 W/m·K (b-axis),
13.3 W/m·K (c-axis)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion2.32 x 10-6 K-1 (a-axis),
8.08 x 10-6 K-1 (b-axis),
8.7 x 10-6 K-1 (c-axis)
Precise Quality163.872 g/mol
Single Isotope Mass163.872 g/mol

Optical and Spectral Properties

Laser Transition4I11/24I13/2 (High Doping), 4I13/2  4I15/2 (Low Doping)
Laser Wavelength,2940 nm (High Doping); 1645 nm (Low Doping)
Photon Energy6.75×10-20J@2940nm
Pump Absorption Bandwidth600~800 nm (High Doping); 1530 nm (Low Doping)
Damage Threshold>500MW/cm2
Emission Cross Section3×10-20 cm2
Fluorescence Lifetime0.23 ms (High Doping); 2~5 ms (Low Doping)
Refractive Index1.7838@2940 nm

Absorption and Emission Spectra

Er-YAG laser crystal emission spectrum CryLinkEr-YAG-laser-crystal-absorption-spectrum-CryLink

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