Erbium Glass(Er,Cr,Yb: Glass)

Erbium Glass(Er,Cr,Yb: Glass)

Erbium Glass doped with Er3+, Yb3+, and Cr3+, Erbium-doped glass laser provides a useful, coherent source in the spectral range near 1.5 μm, which is relatively safe for the human eye. It is convenient in many applications, such as lidar and range measurements, fiber-optic communication, and laser surgery. Despite the considerable progress in developing InGaAs laser diode pump sources, Xe flashlamps will continue to be used as pump sources of Er: glass lasers because of their high reliability and low cost and the simplicity of design of such systems. Since about half the flashlamp radiation energy is emitted in the visible and near-infrared (IR) ranges, a second sensitizer, Cr3+, is introduced into Yb-Er laser glasses to utilize this energy.

Features of Erbium Glass (Er,Cr,Yb: Glass):

  • High laser efficiency
  • Low laser threshold
  • Safe for human eye
  • High light conversion

Material Specifications

Mass Density3.10 g/cm32.95 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness
Young's Modulus
57.6 GPa57.6 GPa
Strength of Extension2 GPa2 GPa
Melting Point
Thermal Conductivity
Specific Heat Capacity/(J·g-1·K-10.590.59
Thermal Shock Resistance Parameters800 W/m800 W/m
Thermal Coefficient Optical path length(10-7 /ºC)(20〜100ºC)3.6 
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient(10-7 / K)(20〜100℃)10380.5
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient(10-7 / K)(100〜300℃)12787
Softening Temperature(℃)493519
Transformation Temperature(℃)455476
Chemical Durability (weight loss in 100 C distilled water)(μg/ hr.cm2103 
dn / dT(10-6 /ºC)(20〜100ºC)-5.2-6.8
Refractive Index @ 1535 nm1.531.533
Refractive Index @ 589.3nm)1.5391.541
Abbe Value6463.6

Optical Properties

Optical Density0.1 to 0.8
Fluorescent Lifetime7.7-8.2 ms
Concentration0.5 mol % ~ 3 mol %
Emission Wavelength1535 nm
Absorption Coefficient 1.0 cm-1 ~ 7 cm-1
Emission Absorption Cross Section0.75×10-20cm2@1535nm
Transmittance10% to 90%
CoatingAR≤ 0.2% @1535nm
Damage Threshold> 500 MW / cm2

Polishing Specifications

Orientation Tolerance< 0.5°
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance
±0.05 mm
<λ/8@632 nm
Wavefront Distortion
<λ/4@632 nm
Surface Finish
Clear Aperture
Max. Sizedia (3-12.7)×3-150mm2

Absorption and Emission Spectra

ErCrYb Glass CrE5 emission spectrum CRYLINKErCrYb Glass CrE5 Absorption spectrum CRYLINK
ErCrYb Glass Cr14 Absorption spectrum CRYLINKErCrYb Glass Cr14 emission spectrum CRYLINK


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