Faraday Rotator

Faraday Rotator

Faraday rotator is a magneto-optical device based on the Faraday magneto-optical effect. When the beam enters forward, the Faraday rotator rotates the linearly polarized light θ. After this beam of light is reflected into the Faraday rotator, the polarization direction of the light is rotated again, and the rotation direction is the same as that of the light entering the forward direction.

At this time, the polarization direction of the outgoing light is rotated by two relative to the incident light θ. This can effectively reduce the interference effect between incident light and reflected light to reduce the impact on the system.

Faraday rotators are widely used in various laser systems, such as erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, optical switches, optical modulators, etc., which can effectively avoid optical damage or system instability caused by harmful reflected light.

Features of Faraday Rotator:

  • High isolation
  • Low insertion loss
  • Multiple transparent holes
  • Multi-wavelength available
  • Controllable output polarization

Faraday Rotator Product Parameters

ModelCentral WavelengthClear ApertureExtinction ratio @25℃Transmittance @25℃
Rotation angle @25℃Damage Threshold @10nsAssembly
CL- ROT-1030-2.51030nm2.5mm>30dB>95%45°±1°5J/cm23#
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