CRYLINK’s Er:YLF crystal products, also known as erbium-doped yttrium fluoride lithium crystal. It is a kind of crystal product with excellent comprehensive performance. It is widely used in industrial, medical, and scientific research fields. The product has the characteristics of low nonlinear refractive index, low phonon frequency, and long-life laser emission level. It can be used in 2940 nm erbium laser, three μm laser Q switch, upconversion visible light laser, and laser ranging products.

  • Low phonon frequency
  • Negative thermal light coefficient
  • Long laser emission energy level life
  • Wide range of transparency (from VUV to 10 μm region)


Surface Quality10-5 S-D
Wavefront Aberration<λ/4 per inch@632.8 nm
Flatness<λ/10 @632.8 nm
Clear Aperture>90%
Face Dimension Tolerance+0.0/-0.1 mm
Length Tolerance±0.1mm

Physical and Chemical Properties

Structural SymmetryQuartet
Lattice Constanta=5.173, c=10.747 Å@1.5%
Melting Point819°C
Thermal Conductivity/(W·m-1·K-1)~5
Specific Heat(J·g-1·K-1)0.79
Thermal Expansion/(10-6·K-1 )8
Hardness (kg/mm2@Mohs)5
Young's Modulus/(108g/cm2)7.65

Optical Properties

Typical Doping Levels15%
Refractive Index(@2070nm)n0=1.442, ne=1.464
Thermal Coefficient of Light(10-6·K-1)-2(∥a), -4.1(∥c)
4I11/2Er Level Lifetime(ms)4
Emission Cross Section(10-20/cm2)1.5@2800nm
Absorption Peak Wavelength972nm
Absorption Coefficient of Peak Wavelength28cm-1
Absorption Bandwidth of Peak Wavelength~1nm
Laser Wavelength,2810nm


ErYLF laser crystal Er YLF absorption curve CrylinkErYLF laser crystal Er YLF emission curve Crylink
Er:YLF Absorption CurveEr:YLF Emission Curve


[1]Effect of erbium concentration on optical properties of Er:YLF laser crystals
[2]The dynamics of the emission spectrum of an Er:YLF laser in the pulsed-periodic operating regime
[3]Threefold upconversion laser at 0.85, 1.23, and 1.73 μm in Er:YLF pumped with a 1.53 μm Er glass laser

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