Faraday Isolator

Faraday Isolator

Faraday isolator supplied by Crylink are commonly used optical components in precision laser systems. The main function of a Faraday magneto-optical isolator is to let the laser pass through the optical path in one direction.

The Faraday isolator protects the laser emitting system from reflected light from other optical elements. This effect will cause the light source to produce unstable output in terms of energy, noise, pattern, line width, etc. In the worst cases, it can cause permanent damage to the optical components. To learn how the Faraday isolator works, see the isolator manual.

Crylink can offer three types of magneto-optical isolators:

  • The first one is a fixed-wavelength visible-near-infrared isolator based on TGG magneto-optical crystal, which can cover the wavelength from 532 nm to 1064 nm. The Faraday isolator is incident at a preset central wavelength and can achieve more than 90% transmittance and greater than 30dB isolation. If you need more isolation, you can choose to use two isolators in series, but the transmission rate will be reduced.
  • The second one is a fixed wavelength UV-visible isolator based on CeF3 magneto-optical crystal.
  • The third is a large aperture isolator based on TG28 magneto-optical glass. At present, the maximum optical aperture can be provided as a 50 mm magneto-optical isolator, or a large-diameter optical rotator can be provided. The isolation device is composed of the user side and the corresponding polarization device. Large diameter isolators are custom-made products. You can fill out the custom form or contact the sales agent if you need customization.

Crylink also offers Faraday optical rotators. You can select a value based on the application scenario.

Features Application
  • Free space input and output
  • Protecting Seed Lasers
  • Reduce laser energy noise
  • Increase laser stability
  • Let the laser only pass in one direction
  • Prevents laser mode hopping or frequency shifting
  • Prevents laser reflection from damaging optical components
  • Regenerative amplifier
  • Seed injection laser
  • Laser Width Test System
  • MOPA amplification system
  • Extracavity frequency doubling
  • Laser Spectrum Test Protection System
  • Strontium Atomic Clock – 369 nm Isolator
  • Rubidium Atomic Clock – 780 nm Isolator
  • Cesium atomic Clock – 810 nm isolator, 852 nm isolator


Faraday isolator standard product list

ModelCentral WavelengthClear ApertureIsolation @25℃Transmittance @25℃
PolarizerDamage Threshold @10nsAssembly
CL-ISO-532-5532nm5mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm22#
CL-ISO-633-2.5633nm2.5mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm21#
CL-ISO-633-55mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm22#
CL-ISO-780-2.5780nm2.5mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm21#
CL-ISO-780-55mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm22#
CL-ISO-785-2.5785nm2.5mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm21#
CL-ISO-785-55mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube3.5J/cm22#
CL- ISO-1030-2.51030nm2.5mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube5J/cm23#
CL-ISO-1030-55mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube5J/cm23#
CL-ISO-1064-2.51064nm2.5mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube5J/cm23#
CL-ISO-1064-55mm>30dB>90%PBS Cube5J/cm23#
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If you need customized products. Please fill out the form or contact the sales person.

Customized faraday isolator product list

ModelCenter wavelengthClear ApertureIsolation @25℃Transmittance@25℃PolarizerDamage Threshold @10nsSize
CLC-ISO-488-5488nm5mm≥30dB≥80%PBS scheme3.5J/cm2 10ns 10Hz 1064nmφ30×70mm
If you need customized products. Please fill out the form or contact the sales person.

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