Eye Safe Laser Material

Er, Yb: Glass/Er, Cr, Yb: Glass is phosphate glass, also called Er glass. It is a kind of laser glass with good comprehensive performance. Where Er, Yb: Glass can excite 1.54 μm nearby laser. Since this wavelength is in the eye-safe band, Er, Yb: Glass is also a gain medium for eye-safe lasers. Because the emission wavelength is exactly 1540 nm, it is within the optimal wavelength range for optical communication. Erbium glass is also a good material for communication lasers and optical amplifiers. The thermal conductivity of phosphate glass is the main reason that limits the increase of output power of Erbium glass laser. So Crylink uses a bonding scheme (essentially erbium glass, not a cavity) to improve the thermal dissipation of erbium glass. This allows the erbium glass laser to output as much energy as possible. Crylink also offers other laser glasses.

Co: spinel is a passive Q-switched crystal. Its working wavelength matches exactly 1.54μm of the Erbium glass output. It can provide ideal giant pulse output for Erbium glass laser. Crylink also provides other passive Q-switched crystals.

The cavity is a bonded crystal product provided by Crylink to customers. We combine erbium glass with cobalt spinel by technical means. A high-reflectivity membrane and a partially permeable membrane were added to both ends of the bonded crystal. This allows a small crystal to form a complete cavity. To minimize the difficulties for customers during laser packaging. If you need the cavity of another laser, you can see our product Bonding Crystal page.

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