CRYLINK’s Pr: YLF crystal products are the all-around performance of laser crystal products. It has many applications in copper or gold, entertainment, and science. The product has an absorption band, emission in the blue spectral region, and high absorption and emission cross-section. It can achieve blue, green, orange, red, and deep red down-conversion laser output characteristics. It can be used in diode-pumped solid-state lasers, wavelength separators, DPSS lasers, and broadband laser mirror products.

  • InGaN laser diode and 2ω-OPSL wire
  • High absorption and emission cross-section (〜10-19 cm2)
  • Absorption band and emission in the blue spectral region


a cut
Clear Aperture
Surface Tolerance+ 0/-0.1mm
Length Tolerance ±0.1mm
Parallelism Error
Perpendicular Error<10arcmin
<0.1mm @45˚
Surface Finish
10-5 S-D
<λ/10@632.8 nm
Wavefront Distortion
λ/ 4@632.8 nm
CoatingR<1%@440-444nm + R<0.6%@500-700nm
Damage Threshold
>5J/cm2@532nm,10 ns

Spectral and Thermomechanical Properties

Absorption Peak Wavelength444nm
Peak Absorption Cross-section8×10-20cm2
Absorption Bandwidth at Peak Wavelength-5nm
Laser Wavelength640nm
Lifetime of 3P0 Energy Levels 50μs
Emission Cross Section20×10-20cm2
Refractive Index @1064nm

Crystal Structure
Thermal Conductivity
dn / dT-5.2×10-6 (|| c)K-1
-7.6×10-6 (|| a)K-1
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
~16×10-6 K-1
Typical Doping Level<1 at.%


Pr:YLF absorption emission curve-CRYLINK
Pr:YLF absorption emission curve


[1]Femtosecond-laser micromachined Pr:YLF depressed cladding waveguide:Raman, fluorescence, and laser performance
[2]High-energy, nanosecond orange laser at 604 nm based on Pr:YLF crystal at room temperature
[3]Spectral analysis of new-wavelength transitions originated from 1D2 level of Pr:YLF crystal

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