Erbium Glass (Er,Yb:Glass)

Erbium Glass (Er,Yb:Glass)

Er,Yb:Glass/Er, Yb, Cr: Glass product, also known as erbium glass (er glass), is a kind of laser glass with good comprehensive performance.

Er3+, Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass (Er, Yb: phosphate glass) is a well-known and commonly used active medium. It emits laser microns in the “eye safe” spectral range of 1.5 – 1.6um.

1540 nm laser is just located at the position of human eye safety and optical fiber communication window. So it leads to laser generation and signal amplification.

1540 nm laser has been widely used in range finder, radar, target recognition, and other fields.

Phosphate glass combines the long-lived (~8 ms) laser level on 4I13/2 Er3+ with the low-lived (2-3 ms) 2F5/2 excited state of 4I11/2 Er3+ level resonant with Yb3+.

The fast nonradiative multiphonon relaxation from 4I11/2 to 4I13/2 is due to the interaction between Yb3+ and Er3+ ions excited at 2F5/2 and 4I11/2 levels, respectively. That dramatically reduces the reverse energy transfer and conversion losses.

Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass is an LD pumped 1540 nm eye-safe radiation source. It can emit eye safe 1540 nm laser radiation directly used in laser rangefinders and telecommunications.

Er, Yb glass laser with 1540 nm wavelength radiation output does not need to add additional components.

Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass laser is an eye-safe wavelength laser. It has attracted much attention because of its compactness and low cost.

Eat14: Yb3+, Er3+ co-doped phosphate glass, suitable for high repetition rate (1-6Hz) laser diode pumped 1535 nm. High Yb3+ doping can be achieved in this Eat14 glass.

The Features of Er Glass:

  • Eye safety
  • High optical quality
  • Long fluorescent life
  • The absorption band is wide
  • The slope of high efficiency

Laser Specifications

 EAT14 WM4
The cross section of stimulated emission(10-20cm20.80.75
Fluorescence lifetime (milliseconds) *7.7-8.07.7-8.2
Central laser wavelength(nm)15351535

Optical Properties

Refractive Index(1535nm)1.5241.528
Refractive Index(d 589.3nm)1.5321.536
Abbe number6666
dn / dT(10-6 /℃)(20〜100℃)-1.72-3

Thermal Specification

 EAT14 WM4
Transition Temperature (℃)556530
Softening Temperature (℃)605573
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-7/K) (20〜100℃)8782
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-7/K) (100〜300℃)9596
Thermal Coefficient of Optical Path Length (10-6/K) (20〜100℃)2.91.4
Thermal Conductivity (25℃) (W/mK)0.70.7

Other Specifications

Density g / cm33.062.83
Chemical Durability (weight loss in 100℃ distilled water)(μg/ hr.cm25282

Polishing Specifications

Orientation Tolerance< 0.5°
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance±0.05 mm
Surface Flatness<λ/8@632 nm
Wavefront Distortion<λ/4@632 nm
Surface Finish5-Oct
Clear Aperture>90%
Biggest Sizedia (3-12.7)×(3-150)mm2

Absorption and Emission Spectra

Er glass laser glass ETA14 emission spectrum CRYLINKEr glass laser glass ETA14 absorption spectrum CRYLINK
Er glass laser glass WM4 emission spectrum CRYLINKEr glass laser glass WM4 absorption spectrum CRYLINK


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Erbium glass (Er Yb Glass)

Er, Yb:Glass/Er, Yb, Cr: Glass product, also known as erbium glass, is a kind of laser glass with good comprehensive performance.

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