Nd: YLF crystal product, also known as neodymium doped lithium yttrium fluoride, is a laser crystal product with excellent comprehensive performance. Nd: YLF in a mode-locked laser, continuous excitation. It is widely used in the field of light and material processing.

Neodymium: lithium yttrium fluoride (Nd: YLF) is an alternative medium of Nd: YLF, used to work in the near-infrared, and the Laser is generated at 1047 nm and 1053 nm. When the pump wavelength is 808 nm, a lamp and diode can pump Nd: YLF. The product has a large fluorescent linewidth, low thermal lens effect, and natural polarization.

The main advantage of Nd: YLF is that the Laser has a relatively long fluorescence lifetime at -1047 and 1053 nm and produces high pulse energy. It can be used in linearly polarized resonators, mode-locked lasers, diode-pumped Nd: YLF lasers, and Ti: sapphire chirped pulse amplifier Products.

In addition, the gain and emission wavelength of Nd: YLF is related to polarization: π polarization is strong at 1047 nm, and σ Polarization is lower at 1053 nm. The 1053 nm line is very suitable for the gain peak of Nd: glass, so the Nd: YLF laser is usually used as the Nd: YLF laser generator and subsequent Nd: glass amplifier preamplifier.

  • Natural polarization
  • Super fluorescent line width
  • Low thermal lens effect
  • High uv transparency 4F3/2 nd level of long life
  • Much more than that of Nd: YAG soft, crisp
  • Based on the continuous laser with low light threshold
  • High power, low beam divergence, effectively the single mode of operation
  • Mode-locked laser
  • Ultrashort pulse laser
  • Material processing, welding, cutting
  • Ti: sapphire chirp pulse amplifier
  • Diode-pumped Nd: YLF laser
  • 1047 nm and 1053 nm cw pulse

Technical Characteristics

Absorption Peak Wavelength792 nm
Peak Absorption Coefficient10 cm-1
Peak Absorption Bandwidth~5 nm
Laser Wavelength1047,1053 nm
4F3/2Nd Level Lifetime485μs
Emission Cross Section15×10-20(e∥C)cm2@1047nm10×10-20(e⊥C)cm2@1053 nm
Refractive Index@1064 nmno=1.448
Crystal StructureQuadrilateral
Mohs Hardness5
Thermal Conductivity6Wm-1K-1


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion8×10-6(∥c)K-1,


Typical Doping Level1-2 at.%


Transparent Aperture>90%
Surface Tolerance+0/-0.1mm
The Length of Tolerance±0.1mm
Parallelism Error<10 arcsec
Perpendicularity Error<10 arcmin
Protect the Tank<0,1 mm @ 45˚
Surface Quality10-5 S-D
Surface Flatness<λ/8@6328 nm
Wavefront Aberrationλ/4@6328 nm
CoatingR<0.5%@790-810 nm +R<0.2%@1047-1053 nm
Laser Damage Threshold>10 J/cm2@1064 nm,10 ps


Nd:YLF laser crystal emission spectrum NanjingGuangbao CRYLINKNd YLF laser crystal absorption spectrum NanjingGuangbao CRYLINK
Nd: YLF Emission SpectrumNd: YLF Absorption Spectrum


[1]Energy transfer up-conversion and excited state absorption of laser radiation in Nd:YLF laser crystals
[2]Experimental and theoretical study of the weak and asymmetrical thermal lens effect of Nd:YLF crystal for σ and π polarizations
[3]The formation and characterization of optical waveguide in NdYLF crystal by 4.5-MeV Si ion implantation

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