Nd: YAG Laser Series

NdYAG laser is commonly used in dental, surgical, medical cosmetic, laser ranging, atmospheric monitoring radar and other fields.

Crylink has a rich selection of product accessories for you to choose from. Nd: YAG laser crystal. We also have good performance Nd: YVO4 laser crystals. Additional laser crystals or laser glass are required to view the gain medium page.

Optical accessories such as pump mirrors, laser passes, output mirrors and laser windows are also available. For coated products of other wavelengths, you can view the laser optics page. Or contact our technical sales to get the coated products you need.

The non-linear optics section prepares the BBO non-linear crystal, the LBO non-linear crystal for you. Additional frequency conversion materials are needed to view the non-linear crystal page.

Products requiring an active Q-switch can view the pockels cells.

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