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Nd: YVO4 crystal product is also known as neodymium-doped gadolinium vanadate crystal. It is a laser crystal product with excellent comprehensive performance for making semiconductor-pumped solid-state lasers. Nd: YVO4 crystal is widely used in many fields, such as machinery, material processing, spectroscopy, wafer testing, display, medical testing, laser printing, data storage, etc.

The product has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, large stimulated emission cross-section, high laser damage threshold, absorption bandwidth, and absorption peak of about 808nm.

Because of these advantages, small crystals can make smaller laser devices. Another feature of Nd: YVO4 crystal is that it is uniaxial, emitting linearly polarized light. Combined with frequency doubling crystal, all solid-state lasers with green, blue, and red wavelengths can be realized.

Now, Nd: YVO4 laser has been widely used in many fields, such as machinery, material processing, spectroscopy, chip inspection, display, medical testing, laser printing, data storage, etc.

Nd: YVO4 diode-pumped solid-state lasers are rapidly replacing traditional water-cooled ion lasers and lamp-pumped lasers in the market, especially in miniaturization and single longitudinal analog output. It can be used in laser diode-pumped all solid-state (DPSS) microlasers, lidar, and remote-sensing satellite products.

Features of Nd: YVO4 crystal:

  • Uniaxial crystal
  • Absorb the bandwidth
  • High damage threshold
  • High absorption coefficient
  • High absorption coefficient
  • Stimulated radiation cross section
  • Good physical and optical properties

Material Specifications

MaterialNd: YVO4
The Concentration of Tolerance(atm%)0.5%, 1.1%, 2.0%, 3.0%
OrientationA-cut or C-cut
Surface Finish10/5 scratches/depressions consistent with MIL-O-13830 B
Wavefront Distortion<λ/8 @633nm
Surface Flatnessλ/10@ 633 nm
Clear Aperture>90%
Size Tolerance(W±0.1mm)x(H±0.1mm)x(L+0.2/-0.1mm) (L<2.5mm)
(W±0.1mm)x(H±0.1mm)x(L+0.5/-0.1mm) (L≥2.5mm)
Angle Tolerance≤0.5°
Damage Threshold[GW / cm2]>1 for 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz (AR-coating)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Crystal StructureZircon Quadriboid, Space GroupD4h-I4 / amd
Lattice Constanta=b=7.12, c=6.29
Melting Point1825
Thermal Conductivity/(W·m-1·K-1 @ 25°C)5.2
Thermal-optical Coefficientdno/dT=8.5×10-6/K; dne/dT=2.9×10-6/K
Thermal Expansion Rate/(10-6·K-1 @ 25°C)a = 4.43, c= 11.4
Mohs Hardness4~5

Optical and Spectral Properties

Laser Wavelength1064nm, 1342nm
Polarized Laser Emissionπ polarization; Parallel to the optical axis (c axis)
Pump Wavelength808nm
Intrinsic Loss0.02cm-1@1064nm
Diode Pumps Light to Light Efficiency>60%
Emission Cross Section25×10-19cm2@1064nm
Fluorescence Lifetime90 μs (About 50 μs for 2 atm % Nd doping) @ 808 nm
Gain Bandwidth0.96nm @1064nm
Refractive Index1.9573(no); 2.1652(ne) @1064nm
1.9721(no); 2.1858(ne) @808nm
2.0210(no); 2.2560(ne) @532nm
Absorption Coefficient31.4 cm-1 @ 808 nm
Absorption Length0.32 mm @ 808 nm
Gain Bandwidth0.96 nm (257 GHz) @ 1064 nm

Absorption and Emission Spectra

Nd YVO4 laser crystal emission spectrum π CRYLINKNd YVO4 laser crystal emission spectrum σ CRYLINK
Nd YVO4 laser crystal absorption spectrum1 CRYLINKNd YVO4 laser crystal absorption spectrum2 CRYLINK


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