Crystal Materials for UV Lasers

Nd:YVO4 crystals are widely used in many fields such as in machinery, material processing, wave spectroscopy, wafer inspection, displays, medical testing, laser printing, data storage and so on.The product is characterized by good thermal conductivity, large excited emission cross section, high laser damage threshold, absorption bandwidth, and absorption peak at about 808nm. Due to these advantages, the small crystal can be used to fabricate smaller laser devices.Another feature of the Nd:YVO4 crystal is that it is uniaxial, which makes it emit linearly polarized light. Combined with frequency doubling crystals, it is possible to realize all-solid-state lasers in green, blue, and red wavelengths.

BBO – A widely used nonlinear crystal for frequency conversion in the UV, VIS and NIR. Has large birefringence and low dispersion, high damage threshold, wide phase matching range, good temperature stability, large nonlinear optical effects, and a multiplication factor six times that of KDP crystals.It can be applied in the frequency doubling, tripling and mixing of Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers with two, three, four and five times frequency dye lasers, the frequency doubling, tripling and mixing of Ti:Sapphire and Alexandrite lasers with two, three and four times frequency, the frequency doubling of Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs) and Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs), the frequency doubling of Argon Ion, Ruby and Cu vapour lasers, the frequency doubling of all-solid-state tunable lasers, ultrafast pulsed lasers, ultrafast pulsed lasers, the frequency doubling of all-solid-state tunable lasers and the frequency multiplication of all-solid state lasers. Laser, ultrafast pulsed laser, deep ultraviolet laser and other high-precision and advanced laser technology research and development field.

LiB3O5 (lithium triborate) crystal is one of the most excellent nonlinear optical crystals found so far that can be used for noncritical phase-matched laser frequency doubling, which has good nonlinear optical properties and stable physicochemical properties, of which it is especially important that its dispersion is sensitive to temperature changes, and noncritical phase-matching can be realized during frequency doubling, due to its large destruction threshold, which means that it can realize high power fundamental wave pumping, and longer optical crystals can also be used, all of which are undoubtedly helpful in obtaining high power frequency doubling lasers.

The effective SHG coefficient of the LBO nonlinear crystal is three times higher than that of the KDP at 1.064 μm light.The optical damage threshold of the LBO is the highest among the commonly used inorganic nonlinear optical crystals. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for high-power second harmonic generators and other nonlinear optical applications.

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