Nonlinear Crystals and Laser Crystals

Laser crystals can obtain different output laser capabilities by doping different impurity ions. Crylink can provide you with a wealth of laser crystals. Includes titanium-doped sapphire and Yb: YAG crystals for ultra-fast lasers (femtosecond lasers); Er: YAG and CTH: YAG crystals commonly used in the field of medical beauty; Nd: YAG/Nd: YVO4 crystal used in 1064nm laser; Erbium glass used in eye-safe lasers, etc.

Nonlinear crystals can change the frequency of the output laser. Nonlinear crystals allow the laser to easily output wavelengths that are difficult to obtain directly. They are an important part of the laser field. Crylink has prepared a wealth of non-linear crystals to meet different frequency conversion needs. Included are barium metaborate ( β-BBO) crystals, ultra-thin BBO crystals for ultra-fast lasers (femtosecond lasers), potassium titanium phosphate (KTP/HGTR KTP) crystals, potassium deuterium phosphate (KDP), lithium triborate (LBO), bismuth borate (BIBO) crystals, LiNbO3 (lithium niobate)/MgO:LiNbO3 crystals, RTP crystals and ZnGeP2 (ZGP) crystals. Our crystals can meet your phase matching requirements.

Passive Q-switched crystal is a saturable absorber. After absorbing enough laser energy, the crystal instantly becomes a low-loss crystal. This can quickly release all the laser energy from the cavity. Since the crystal is passively Q-switched, the amount of energy it can output and the laser pulse time are fixed. Crylink offers a variety of passive Q-switched crystals. Included, Co: spinel for 1.5 μm Erbium glass laser, V: YAG for 1.3μm laser, and Cr:YAG for 1μm laser. If you need to actively Q-switch products, you can check Acousto-optic Modulator and Electro-optic Products.

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