HGTR-KTP (Electro-optic Crystal)

HGTR-KTP (Electro-optic Crystal)

HGTR-KTP Electro-optic Crystal is a Highly Gray Trace Resistant Potassium Oxide Phosphate crystal. It is an electro-optical crystal with excellent overall performance. 

HGTR-KTP electro-optic (Highly Gray Trace Resistant KTP) crystal has these characteristics:

  • Excellent performance of nonlinear optical properties
  • A wide range of allowable temperature-matching
  • Allowable angle matching
  • High threshold of gray trace resistance
  • Light damage resistance
  • Stable chemical and mechanical properties, etc. 

HGTR-KTP electro-optic crystal is mainly used for neodymium. The HGTR-KTP electro-optic crystal is mainly used to generate green light by doubling the laser frequency and integrating the optical waveguide of NLO and EO devices. 

It can also be used for the following fields:

  • Laser frequency doubling
  • Sum-frequency
  • Differential frequency
  • Parametric oscillation
  • Optical waveguide devices 
  • Electro-optical modulators
  • Electro-optical switches
  • Pulse pickup, and other related fields

It has many applications in military research, medical, marine optics, laser weapons, and environmental remote sensing monitoring.

Features of HGTR-KTP Electro-optic Crystal:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Wide temperature bandwidth
  • More efficient than regular KTP
  • Low absorption at 1064 nm and 532 nm
  • High quality crystals at competitive prices
  • Chemical and mechanical stability
  • Higher resistance to gray stains than ordinary KTP

Crystal Specifications

Aperture rangeFrom 2×2mm to 10×10mm
Damage Threshold
>600MW/cm2 @1064nm,10ns
Extinction Ratio
Optical Propagation >98.5%
Wavefront Distortion
<λ/8 @1064nm

Crystal Properties

Dimensional Tolerance
(W ±0.1mm)× (H± 0.1mm)× (L+0.5/-0.1mm)
Size RangeAperture:~10 ×10mm; Length:~15mm
Clear Aperture
Center 90%
Crystal ScatteringThere are no visible scattering paths or centers when examined with a 50mW green laser
<λ/8 @633nm
Transmission Wavefront Distortion<λ/8 @633nm
≤0.2mm @45°
Surface Finish
10/5 S/D
Angle Tolerance
Coating Two face parallel AR/AR@1064nm


Electro-optic Crystal H-KTP-Absorption-Coefficient-CRYLINKElectro-optic Crystal H-KTP Transmissivity-CRYLINK
Electro-optic crystal H-KTP absorption coefficientElectro-optic crystal H-KTP transmittance

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