KDP & DKDP(KD*P) crystals are also known as potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals and potassium deuterium phosphate crystals, with chemical formula KH2PO4 and KD2PO4. They are a comprehensive and relatively excellent electro-optical crystal product.

KDP and DKDP (KD*P) crystals have the advantages of a high damage resistance threshold, superior electro-optical coefficient, good environmental tolerance, compact design, and easy adjustment. They can manufacture low-cost and large-size finished nonlinear components for two-fold (SHG) and three-fold (THG) applications.

KDP crystals are mainly used as piezoelectric and electro-optical crystals to manufacture sonar, piezoelectric transducers, electro-optical modulators, optical switches, and other products. With the booming laser industry, the excellent nonlinear optical characteristics of KDP crystals have been valued.

They are used as frequency conversion crystals in laser manufacturing. They can be used as the second, third, and fourth frequency multiplier of Nd: YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) lasers.

In addition, KDP crystals can also be used in laser-induced fusion engineering. Given the excellent characteristics of DKDP, it is mainly used in two applications:

1. DKDP crystals are used for making electro-optical modulators, etc.

2. DKDP crystals are used as nonlinear crystals for making large-diameter, high-energy laser frequency multipliers.

Features of KDP & DKDP(KD*P) Crystals:

  • Non-Static Birefringence
  • No light refraction damage
  • High resistance to photodamage threshold
  • Good tolerance to environment
  • Compact design, easy adjustment

Crystal Specifications

Dimensional Tolerance
<λ/8 @633nm
Surface Finish
Angle Tolerance
Effective ApertureThe central diameter > 90%

Crystal Properties

Molecular FormulaKH2PO4KD2PO4
Transparency range180-1550nm200-2150nm
NLO Coefficientd36=0.44pm/Vd36=0.40pm/V
Refractive Index
Electro-optic Coefficient
Longitudinal Half-wave VoltageUπ =7.65KV(λ=546nm)Uπ=2.98KV(λ=546nm)
Damage Threshold
Extinction Ratio


Electro-optic crystal KDP-and-DKDP-Spectrogram-CRYLINK

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