RTP Pockels Cells

RTP Pockels Cells

RTP (RbTiOPO4) Pockels Cells, also known as rubidium titanium phosphate oxide pockels cells. They are a comprehensive and excellent pockels cells devices.

They Are Widely Used in Laser Technology Fields Such As:

  • Electro-optical modulation
  • Pulse shaping
  • Laser internal cavity Q

RTP Pockels cells have higher electro-optical performance, possesses a large electro-optical coefficient, high threshold of light injury resistance, excellent chemical stability, high resistivity,

Compared with other electro-optical materials, RTP (rubidium titanium oxide phosphate) pockels cells have many advantages:

  • No moisture absorption
  • Low switching voltage
  • Good extinction ratio
  • No piezoelectric and thermoelectric effects
  • They can be used in the field of RTP Q-switch or RTP pulse selector

Features of RTP Pockels Cells:

  • High resistivity
  • High extinction ratio
  • Low half-wave voltage
  • High resistance to photodamage threshold
  • High switching frequency
  • High threshold for crystal damage
  • Very low ringing effect
  • No deliquescence, low dielectric constant

Pockels Cell Specifications

Working Range500-3000nm
Extinction Ratio
Acceptance Angle
Standard AR CoatingR<0.1% @1064nm
Damage Threshold
600MW/cm2 10ns 10Hz @1064nm

Pockels Cell Parameters

1064nm Transmittance>98.5%
Clear Aperture
1064nm Half-wave Voltage1000V(3×3×10+10)
Extinction Ratio
Acceptance Angle>1°
Damage Threshold
>600MW/cm2 10ns @1064nm
Stable Performance Temperature Range-50℃~+70℃
1064nm Static Half-wave Voltage4x4x20mm: 1600V
6x6x20mm: 2400V
9x9x20mm: 3600V
Optical Dielectric Constantr33=38.5pm/VY cut
r33=35pm/VX cut

Structure Diagram

RTP Pockels Cells Structure Diagram 1 - CRYLINKRTP Pockels Cells Structure Diagram 2

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