TGG crystal is also known as terbium gallium garnet crystal, with the chemical formula Tb3Ga5O12. It is a magneto-optical crystal with good comprehensive properties.

TGG crystal has a high magneto-optical constant, low optical loss, high thermal conductivity, and a high laser damage threshold. TGG single crystal is the best magneto-optical material for Faraday polarizer and isolator, and the applicable wavelength is 400~1100 nm (excluding 470~500 nm).

TGG (terbium gallium garnet) single crystal has a very high Verdet constant in the range of 4oonm-11oonm (excluding 475-5oonm), which is the best and most widely used magneto-optical material in Faraday rotators and isolators.

By placing the rod of this material in a strong magnetic field, the Faraday rotation angle of more than 45 °C can be achieved. This allows the construction of a Faraday rotator as the main component of the Faraday isolator, which transmits light in only one direction.

Features of TGG crystal:

  • High damage threshold
  • Low optical loss
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Large Verdet constant


Wavefront Distortion﹤λ/8 @632.8nm
Size ToleranceDiameter:+0.0/-0.05 mm,
Extinction Ratio﹥30dB
Surface Quality10/5
Clear Aperture﹥90%
Surface Flatness﹤λ/10 @632.8nm
SizeAccording to customer requirements
CoatingAnti-reflective film can be made according to customer requirements

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical FormulaTb3Ga5O12
Lattice Constanta=12.355Å
Growth WayPulling Method
Mohs Hardness8
Melting Point1725℃
Refractive Index1.954@1064nm
Extinction Ratio30dB
Thermal Conductivity7.4 W cm-1k-1


TGG magneto optic crystal spectrum crylink

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