TSAG Crystals

TSAG Crystals

TSAG crystals are also known as Terbium Scandium Aluminum Garnet crystals, with the chemical formula Tb3Sc2AI3O12. They are ideal for visible and infrared light magneto-optical crystals.

TSAG crystals have high Verdet constants, and excellent thermodynamic and mechanical properties. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as Faraday spinners, isolators, and imaging applications.

TSAG Faraday crystals are used in the 400 – 1600 nm wavelength range. They have a larger Verdet constant (20% higher than TGG) and a lower absorption coefficient (30% lower than TGG) than TGG, making it ideal for compact magneto-optical devices.

Features of TSAG Crystals:

  • Verdet constant large
  • Low thermally induced birefringence
  • About 20 to 30% higher than TGG low absorption
  • About 30% lower than TGG high power compatible
  • The ideal choice for compact magneto-optical devices


DirectionWith in±15′
Chamfer≤0.2mm ×45°
Extinction Ratio>30dB
Flatness﹤λ/8 @633nm
Wavefront Distortion﹤λ/8 @633nm
Coating<0.2% @1064nm (Additional coatings are available upon request)
Diameter Tolerance±0.1mm
Length of Tolerance±0.2mm
Surface Quality10/5

Basic Properties

Chemical FormulaTb3Sc2AI3O12
Transparency Range400-1600nm
Crystal StructureCube, Space Group la3d
Lattice Constanta=12.3 Å
Melting Point1970℃±10℃


TSAG magneto-optic crystals fedel coefficient Crylink
Fedel Coefficient

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