BBO Product Series

BBO crystals are excellent non-linear crystals. Second-harmonic generation (SHG) conversion is commonly used in Ti: sapphire ultra-fast lasers (femtosecond lasers). It is also used for SHG, THG and 4HG of Yb: KGW/KYW ultra-fast lasers (femtosecond lasers). It can also be applied to upconversion processes such as OPO, OPA, etc. BBO non-linear crystal has high efficiency and small walk-off angle, so it is often used in the field of frequency doubling transformation of ultraviolet band. For example, the quadruple frequency of a Nd: YAG laser, which is a 1064nm quadruple frequency conversion, is 266nm.

BBO electro-optical crystal or BBO pockels cell is often used for electro-optical Q-switch of high repetition frequency laser because of its short response time and equal ring effect. BBO electro-optical crystal is also the preferred crystal for electro-optical Q switch of ultraviolet laser.

Crylink offers you mainstream non-linear BBO crystals, electro-optical BBO crystals and BBO pockels cell. Click on the corresponding product below to see specifications details and prices. If you have other requirements for electro-optical products, please move to our electro-optical products section.

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