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BBO(Electro-optic Crystal)

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BBO(Electro-optic Crystal)

BBO crystal, also known as barium metaborate crystal with the chemical formula BaB2O4, is an electro-optical crystal and nonlinear crystal with excellent overall performance. It has a wide range of applications in related fields such as the third, fourth, and fifth harmonics of Nd: YAG lasers (355nm, 266nm, and 213nm, respectively), the second and third harmonics of Ti: Sapphire amplifiers (400nm and 266.7nm), etc. BBO crystal has an extremely wide transmission range, a very low absorption coefficient, a weak piezoelectric ringing effect, and a higher extinction ratio compared to BBO crystals have a higher extinction ratio, larger phase matching angle, higher damage resistance threshold, broadband temperature matching, and excellent optical uniformity, which are conducive to improving the stability of laser output power, especially in the triplet frequency of Nd: YAG lasers with a wide range of applications. It can also be used in OPO configurations, optical parametric oscillators, and electro-optical applications from near-infrared to deep-ultraviolet.


  • Excellent physical properties
  • Appropriate mechanical properties
  • Temperature bandwidth approx 55°C
  • High optical uniformity
  • Transmission range from 190 nm to 3500 nm
  • Phase matching range from 6 nm to 3500 nm

Crystal Specifications

Dimensional Tolerance
(W±0.1mm) ×(H±0.1mm)× (L±0.2mm)
Angle Tolerance
Surface Finish
20/10 S/D
Clear Aperture
>90% center
Wavefront Distortion
<0.1mm @45°

Crystal Physical Properties

Chemical Formula
Crystal Structure
Trigonal , 3m
Lattice Constant
a=b=12.532Å,c=12.717Å, Z=6
Mass Density3.85 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness
Melting Point
About 1095°C
Thermal Conductivity
1.2 W/m/K (⊥c); 1.6 W/m/K (//c)
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
α:4×10-6/K; c:36×10-6/K
Negative uniaxial

Crystal Optical Properties

Transmitting Range
Refractive Indices@1064nm1.6551(no1.5425(ne)
Sellmeier Equation
Thermo-optical Coeffecient(10-6/℃)dno/dT=-9.3 dne/dT=-16.6
Absorption Coefficient

Half-wave Voltage

Electro-optic Coefficient
Damage Threshold @1064nm5GW/cm2 (10ns) ; 10GW/cm2(1.3ns)
Damage Threshold @532nm1GW/cm2(10ns) ; 7GW/cm2(250ps)
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
Uniaxial negative crystal


Electro-optic crystal BBO transmission curve -CRYLINKElectro-optic crystal BBO phase tuning curve -CRYLINK
BBO transmission curveBBO phase tuning curve

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