BBO(Electro-optic Crystal)

BBO(Electro-optic Crystal)

BBO electro-optic crystal, also known as barium metaborate crystal, with the chemical formula BaB2O4. It is an electro-optical and nonlinear crystal with excellent overall performance.

It has a wide range of applications in related fields, such as:

  • The third, fourth, and fifth harmonics of Nd: YAG lasers (355 nm, 266 nm, and 213 nm, respectively)
  • The second and third harmonics of Ti: Sapphire amplifiers (400 nm and 266.7 nm), etc.

BBO electro-optic crystal has an extremely wide transmission range, a very low absorption coefficient, and a weak piezoelectric ringing effect.

Compared with BBO electro-optic crystals, it has the following characteristics:

  • Higher extinction ratio
  • Larger phase matching angle
  • Higher damage resistance threshold
  • Broadband temperature matching
  • Excellent optical uniformity

These are conducive to improving the stability of laser output power, especially in the triplet frequency of Nd: YAG lasers, which have many applications.

BBO electro-optic crystal can also be used in these fields:

  • OPO configurations
  • Optical parametric oscillators
  • Electro-optical applications from near-infrared to deep-ultraviolet

Feature of BBO electro-optic crystal:

  • Excellent physical properties
  • Appropriate mechanical properties
  • Temperature bandwidth approx 55 °C
  • High optical uniformity
  • Transmission range from 190 nm to 3500 nm
  • Phase matching range from 6 nm to 3500 nm

Crystal Specifications

Dimensional Tolerance
(W±0.1mm) ×(H±0.1mm)× (L±0.2mm)
Angle Tolerance
Surface Finish
20/10 S/D
Clear Aperture
>90% center
Wavefront Distortion
<0.1mm @45°

Crystal Physical Properties

Chemical Formula
Crystal Structure
Trigonal , 3m
Lattice Constant
a=b=12.532Å,c=12.717Å, Z=6
Mass Density3.85 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness
Melting Point
About 1095°C
Thermal Conductivity
1.2 W/m/K (⊥c); 1.6 W/m/K (//c)
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
α:4×10-6/K; c:36×10-6/K
Negative uniaxial

Crystal Optical Properties

Transmitting Range
Refractive Indices@1064nm1.6551(no1.5425(ne)
Sellmeier Equation
Thermo-optical Coeffecient(10-6/℃)dno/dT=-9.3 dne/dT=-16.6
Absorption Coefficient

Half-wave Voltage

Electro-optic Coefficient
Damage Threshold @1064nm5GW/cm2 (10ns) ; 10GW/cm2(1.3ns)
Damage Threshold @532nm1GW/cm2(10ns) ; 7GW/cm2(250ps)
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
Uniaxial negative crystal


Electro-optic crystal BBO transmission curve -CRYLINKElectro-optic crystal BBO phase tuning curve -CRYLINK
BBO transmission curveBBO phase tuning curve

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