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BBO Pockels Cells

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BBO Pockels Cells

BBO (BaB2O4) Pockels Cells, also known as Barium Borate Pockels Cells, is a Pockels Cells device with superior overall performance. with a high damage threshold, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, minimal piezoelectric ringing, and competitive price, BBO Pockels Cells exhibit significant advantages in laser power handling capability, and temperature stability, and are largely unaffected by piezoelectric ringing. BBO Pockels Cells are the most attractive candidates for high repetition rate Q-switches, pulse pickup up to 3 MHz, laser cavity dumping, regenerative amplifier control, and beam choppers. With a high repetition rate and high power applications, the BBO Pockels Cells are a better choice than the KDP Pockels Cells. Due to the low voltage electrical coupling factor of the BBO, pulses with repetition frequencies of several hundred kilohertz can be generated.


  • Low absorption and noise
  • High UV transmittance
  • High repeatability and damage resistance
  • Pockels Cells with double crystal design available

Pockels Cell Specifications

Clear Aperture
To be confirmed
Damage Threshold
500MW/cm2@10ns 1064nm
Wavefront Distortion
<λ/8 @1064nm
Typical Capacitance<3pF
Shell Sizeφ25.4×44mm
Quarter-wave Voltage

BBO Physical Properties

Crystal Structure
Trigonal,space group R3c,point group 3m
Lattice Constant

Melting Point
Phase Transformation Point
Optical Homogeneityδn~10-6cm
Mohs Hardness
Thermal Coefficient of Expansiona:4×10-6K,c:36×10-6K
Thermal Conductivity
⊥C:1.2W/m/k , ∥C:1.6W/m/K
Absorption Coefficient<0.1%/cm @1064nm

BBO Optical Properties

Transparency Range189-3500nm
Refractive Index
1064nm no=1.6545,ne=1.5392
800nm no=1.6606,ne=1.5444
532nm no=1.6742,ne=1.5547
400nm no=1.6930,ne=1.5679
Thermo-optical Coeffecient
Electro-optic Coefficient
Half-wave Voltage
48KV @1064nm
NLO Coefficientd11=5.8×d36(KDP)
Phase Matching SH Wavelength189-3500nm

Structure Diagram

BBO Pockels Cells Structure Diagram 1-CRYLINKBBO Pockels Cells Structure Diagram 2 - CRYLINK

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